We Offer On-Site Diagnostic Service & Troubleshooting

                     For Clients within Toronto City 


1- Contact us to give details about the Mac Issue/Damage .

2- We will provide you details about the repair cost .

3- Send us your Mac by Mail. 

4- We will repair your Mac .

5- We will ship your Mac "Insured" .

6- We pay for the return shipping service .

7- We require $45 deposit , will be refunded after repair.

Canada Wide Repair Service 

We offer Mac repair service across Canada , You can simply send us your mac by Mail and let us repair it for you .



MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini


iPad     iPod 


Hard Drive, Memory Ram , Graphic / Video, Sound .... and more 

REPAIR All Mac Computers:
- Liquid Damage
- Logic Board issues
- Keyboard Replacement
- Battery Replacement
- Power Supply 
- Hard Drive issues, replacement
- Screen/ LCD/ Glass Replacement
- Memory Ram Upgrades
- Power Connector issues/ parts
- Internal Cables
- Software issues
- OSX install/ Upgrade
- MacBook Liquid Damage Repair

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