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Security System Solutions

While high prices and rents are the norms in Toronto & GTA, we don’t want any of your investment to go to waste. Protect your residential, business, or commercial property in Toronto & GTA with our top-notch security system.

We offer the best security camera and alarm installation systems for houses, businesses, and commercial buildings. We also provide intercom, alarms, and access control installation. Email or Call us today to install or upgrade your security system. We provide the best security camera, intercom, and alarm system installation in Toronto & GTA .

We provide better technology and tougher parts in all of our security cameras. If you want extra-tough security cameras, then we have vandal-proof security cameras. Vandal-proof security cameras are weather-resistant and do not get damaged easily.

If you are worried about someone trying to break into your property when it is dark, install our Night Vision Camera. Other advanced cameras from our range include a Nanny Camera, Hidden camera, Infrared camera, Thermal camera, and Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera.

Alarm & Access Control System Installation

The security system of your house or business is incomplete without installing an alarm system. Alarms are necessary as they give alerts in case of intrusion, fire breakout, or other emergency situations. Burglar alarms and fire alarms are crucial for all residential, business, and commercial settings.

Our alarms are high-quality in build and function. The sensors are highly sensitive, and the alert system is very fast and prompt.

Other than burglar and fire alarms, we also offer custom wireless and home security alarms. 

Our access control systems have several options to fit every budget and security need. We install access control systems to single, family homes, multi-tenant buildings, offices, stores, and commercial buildings. You can choose how you want the access control panel to function. You are free to choose between codes, key fobs, fingerprints, and facial recognition. Though these options vary in price, we try to align your needs with your budgets as much as possible.

Keypad and biometric access are the most popular products in our range of access control. Other products include card readers, key fob control, and facial recognition access.

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